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Homeschoolers Doing Drama!

Players of the Bard


It is that time of year! We are doing another year of Drama for Homeschoolers!! Come join us for classes and productions in the 2023-2024 school year!
Registration is on a semester by semester basis.
Our Bard is moving to Bard's Workshop LLC.  Follow the link below and Break a leg!

We are located and meet in the Wake Forest and Youngsville, North Carolina area. We meet every Friday afternoon.  All new students must go thru an evaluation process to make sure they are ready for an acting class that is not the same as a drama club.   We do not encourage folks to participate if this is not what your student wants to do.  Our classes involve some theory work, memorizations and scene work.  

We have up to 15 weekly class sessions a semester, and our semester fees are $200 plus script fees (generally between $10 - $15)

Contact us for more information.   Click the registration link below.

A Theatrical Experience for Homeschoolers


We have one Production a semester.  The productions are chosen after the classes are filled to accommodate all of our students to the best of our ability.    All Performances are scheduled at the end of classes with up to 8 extra rehearsals  before hand.  Note: not all cast members will attend all rehearsals.

About Us

Players of the Bard began as Dove Theatre in 2001.  However; seeing the need for an outlet for Homeschool students to learn the craft of Acting.  The Artistic Director, Sondra Lester decided to take the old theatre organization into a different direction.  Changing the name from Dove Theatre to Players of the Bard was just the first step to developing an outlet for Homeschool talent.  Utilizing classes, workshops, and performances, Players of the Bard strives to offer opportunities to our local homeschool community and private schools that do not have a Theatrical program.  We are a Christian organization and hold to the truth of 2 Timothy 3:16 - “All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness, .”   It is our goal to use this as our firm foundation to build each persons talent upon, so that they may glorify God with how they use it. Though we are a Christian theatrical organization, we are not a drama ministry.  Our calling is not that of drama ministry, our calling is to teach drama to those who may be called into either Drama Ministry or into Secular Theatre.  We often employ both sacred and secular texts and material for the purposes of teaching and growing the next generation of performers. 


Our Bard

“I grew up in Abingdon Virginia, working with my local regional theatre and dreaming of one day performing on Broadway.  I went to college to study the craft of Acting with those expectations.  I attended Milligan College, and studied theatre in a Christian environment, then spent one year at Virginia Commonwealth University studying Secular theatre,

but God . . .  had other plans.

I fell in love, got married and had four beautiful children.  I went back to school  after my first child was born and finished my degree.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication - Broadcast Production from Milligan College.  Though it was not my plans, I have never regretted following God's plan instead.  Now, after having graduated all four children from our homeschool, Liberty Academy, I share the things that God has taught me throughout my theatrical journey.

The children in my classes may never work in professional theatre, but hopefully they will feel more comfortable about sharing the gospel with others, or standing in front of a board giving a presentation one day.  Maybe they do go on to perform in Secular Theatre, but maybe they help grow the Christian Theatre movement.  Whatever God calls them to do, I want to give them the tools to succeed.

I am inspired to teach the next generation the craft of Acting and Theatre, knowing that as Christians we must be willing to train up individuals to make a difference in the fields that we as Christians see as flawed.”

Wanna know more?

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